This Month’s Newsletter was written on September 29th.  Now those of you who were either born in England or have a bent toward English History will know that September 29th is Michaelmas Day (or the Day of the Archangel St. Michael (who fought against Satan) and All Angels).

It is one of the four “Quarter Days” along with Lady Day on March 25th, Midsummer’s Day on June 21st, and Christmas Day December 25th.  The Quarter Days are spaced three months apart, on religious festivals, usually close to the solstices or equinoxes. They were the four dates on which servants were hired, rents due or leases begun. It used to be said that harvest had to be completed by Michaelmas, almost like the marking of the end of the productive season and the beginning of the new cycle of farming. It was the time at which land was exchanged and debts were paid. This is how it came to be for Michaelmas to be the time for encouraging protection during the dark time; electing magistrates; and also, the beginning of legal and university terms:  IT IS THE TIME TO MAKE SURE THAT THE BARNS AND SILOS ARE FULL, THE WOOL IS CARDED AND BALED, AND THE PREPARATIONS FOR WINTER ARE COMPLETE.

So, as we ask, “how was your summer”, at the Mile Marker Club, we are also asking the deeper question: “is everything in place to protect against the Dark Months?” With the economy doing so well, it’s easy to go with the flow and presume that all fronts are OK.  With the stock market continuing to increase in value, it gives a green light that everyone is good and so too should I be.   It feels like everything is OK with our investments so we probably don’t need to review anything as all is ‘on-course.’

However, we have learned that NOW is the best time to course correct in order to see ideal returns; NOW while there’s still sun and daylight, and before the days have turned too short and dark and cold.  Let us take stock NOW and review all, and look for ways to improve and increase so that we are protected and kept warm and well fed as the “winter” arrives and as the “winter” drags on.

We understand that with markets as they are and the world “feeling very good right now”, it’s hard to want to meet and review anything that doesn’t seem necessary or urgent.   However, it is ESPECIALLY in the “good times” when EXTRA vigilance is required, and it is NOW that as the CEO of your wealth, we cannot be complacent.  We must continue to look and search and review and improve, so that we are prepared for whatever may come.

If you haven’t registered to join us for Mile Marker Club Symposium October 17-19 in Dallas, please do.  We’ll be discussing some of the ways we continue to build a defensive portfolio, even during the ‘good times’ plus several new private investment opportunities to look at first-hand.

Thank you to each of you for your faith in us and for your support.  We are grateful to you and your families, and it is an ongoing privilege of ours to be able to work with you in reaching your financial and family wealth goals.

Best Regards,