What’s the right withdrawal rate (for you)?  The answer may surprise you.

Once you have accumulated the kind of money that will generate your desired level of passive income, you need to make sure your money will perform for the full time period you need, including if you want to share it with future generations. You can live OFF your money (and continuously spend down or withdrawal), you can live ON the earnings (and never spend down), or you can combine the two.

 If you intend to live OFF what you have saved, how much should you withdraw each year? Conventional wisdom says 4% is a safe annual withdrawal rate and should ensure a “typical” retirement lifestyle.  But most of you reading this newsletter are not “typical.”  You have built more than just wealth; you have built a lifestyle – and you’d like to maintain it.  Thanks to the JOBS Act of 2012, the ability to save and amass wealth is much easier today. That means you may be able to live ON your money – ON only your earnings – and not have to live OFF it.  In other words, a 0% withdrawal rate.

To learn more about maintaining your lifestyle and living ON your money, please join us for our complimentary educational webinar. Our industry experts will show you how to structure your plan to live ON your money – and live the life you deserve.

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