Complimentary Non-Member Access

If you would like temporary access to a portion of our deal flow, we offer 21 days of complimentary access for all new users – no credit card required.

Then, as your trial period comes to a close, we will contact you about extending your access using one of the options below, or becoming a member of the exclusive Mile Marker Club.

6 Months of access for $1,950
12 Months of access for $2,950

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Why Charge for Access to Our Deal Flow?

The investor families involved with Heritage Capital USA and Mile Marker Club are discreet, sophisticated investors who have worked hard for the right to access the private alternative investment opportunities in the HCUSA deal flow library. Exclusivity aside, we restrict access for the following reasons:


For the protection of our members and our deal operators, restricting access to only serious investors is just good business.


Some of the offerings in our deal flow inventory are private deals from our members. Additionally, sensitive (non-public) information about the deal will be shared

Work Behind the Deals

The HCUSA team puts an incredible amount of work into vetting and improving each deal and investor presentation. Although the deal operator pays for a portion of these business development services, Mile Marker Club and temporary membership fees contribute, as well..

Market Trust

Since we work in domestic and global markets at various levels, we need to ensure we bring only accredited, educated investors. As with our members, we have long-standing relationships with these markets, and they trust us.