Creating a Defensive Portfolio in Uncertain times

The market is strong, indicators are up and business is good. But as we all know, it can turn quickly. Remember 2008? That’s why even the best of times are uncertain times, and why we need to build a defensive portfolio now. So how do we do it? How do we get past the constant distraction of dramatic financial headlines showing up on our phones every second?

Well, as successful investors, we need to stay focused first on our personal investment policy. We separate our money from the dramatic headlines. We diversify. We go outside traditional investments. We find better deals – private deals. We plan our money. And we build a portfolio that is well-defended from the roller coaster economy and stock market.

Learn how to build a defensive portfolio and money plan for yourself – and more – at our next Industry Expert Webinar. We’re certain you’ll find it worthwhile.

Creating a Defensive Portfolio
Thursday, December 7, 2017
11:00 a.m. Mountain Time

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