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Are you a Hedge Fund Looking to Liquidate Performing or Non-Performing Assets?

Hedge Funds were among the first players in the market to recognize the opportunity of acquiring large pools of non-performing loans and other “toxic” assets in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008. However, many hedge funds operate with a business model that works best when these assets are liquidated or otherwise “worked out” quickly.

That’s where Heritage Capital USA comes in.

We are in the business of buying performing and non-performing loans as well as REO from hedge funds. We have developed systems to work with hedge funds to quickly acquire assets (from due diligence to funding and file transfer) in a smooth, expeditious and efficient manner. We look to aquire:

  • Performing, sub-performing, non-performing
  • “Scratch and Dent” loans
  • Assets with other liens attached (tax liens, e.g.)
  • First or seconnd liens
  • REO
  • Occupied REO with tenants
  • Multi-family REO (apartment complexes)
  • Those involved in active or prior bankruptcy proceedings
  • Collateral types: Single Family Residential or Condo/Townhome
  • Primary or secondary residence or vacant
  • Large pools to “one-off” loans

The bottom line is that Heritage Capital USA stands ready to discuss liquidating your assets for sale. To discuss solutions with a professional member of our pricing desk, please contact us using the form on this page or by calling 866.210.0158.

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